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We are overjoyed to announce that active immediately Teserakt and P3KI are partnering up to bring you the next generation of IoT cloud security solutions. We both base our development principles on a security-first approach, making this a perfect match not just on the level of complementary solutions but in spirit as well.

As a first step we’ll be offering a combined side-by-side solution of Teserakt E4 and P3KI Core Service in the form of a virtual appliance. This will enable our respective customers to easily integrate both solutions into their IoT application stack.

  • Teserakt E4 will give you the world’s first end-to-end encryption solution for MQTT to secure your IoT communications against eavesdroppers and attackers.
  • With P3KI Core Service you’re on the forefront of decentralized PKI, enabling flexible and arbitrarily precise delegation of permissions, roles, and capabilities.

By joining forces we’re now able to offer a full-stack security solution going beyond the capabilities of current PKI/TLS approaches.

But we will not stop there, so expect more innovation in due time.