P3KI Core: Decentralized PKI in a Box

The backbone for your access and permission delegation solution

I need a software library I need a RESTful service

P3KI Core Service

Core Service ships as an easy to configure application you can run as a background service (daemon).

Delegating access and verifying permissions is easy! Core Service comes with a straight forward and scriptable API that's child's play to use.
You'll be up and running in no time!

Seamlessly integrates into your microservice architecture

P3KI Core Service is a stand-alone background service to integrate into your existing microservice architecture setup.

Access to permission handling operations (verifications, authorizations, authentication, search, ...) is straight forward and implemented using state of the art interface technology.
You can integrate P3KI Core Service into your architecture by either calling its straight forward API or using its scriptable interface!


Delegate permissions at arbitrary granularity

Use scenario specific policies that exactly express the level of permission you require.

Core Service comes with a straight forward maintenance interface and API that seamlessly integrates into your automation scripts.

No limitations on revocations

Rescinding delegations is built in by design and just works. Having to revoke an X.509 intermediate certificate authority will be your worst day. With P3KI's technology the equivalent operation is easy and painless.

Graceful Degradation

How do you like to store your delegation information?

  • A central database?
  • A peer-to-peer network?
  • A flat file handed around offline?

All of the above! Build systems resilient to attack that can support actual graceful degradation!

Transparency by design

No extra tools like Certificate Transparency required to ensure everyone is playing nice. Accountability and auditing allowed by design.

P3KI Core Library

Access delegation on Embedded Systems was never this easy!

Our library offers all the features of P3KI Core Service in a small and easy to integrate package tailor made for building native applications and firmware.

Using the P3KI Core Library, you can easily turn your application into a resilient and decentralized authorization & authentication solution. And it's not just for embedded systems!

We're committed to give your engineers the best possible start with our technology. Therefore our software comes complete with on-site and remote consulting and development support to ease design and integration.

Technical Details

Library Format static & dynamic
Supported Platforms x86, x86_64, aarch64, armv7l, Espressif (ESP32), WASM, & many more
ABI C or Rust
Integration Support included