Cross-Domain Access Delegation

Unifying how you express trust across all facets of life.

Smart Grid & IIoT

Decentralized access control for resilient micro-grid architectures.

P3KI ensures you're able to act even during blackout scenarios where no central infrastructure is reachable.

The future of the power grid is a strong focus on decentralization into a multitude of resilient, independent micro-grids. The growing number of PV and wind power installations is a sure sign of this trend and current organizational patterns of grid operations are struggling with the hard to plan nature of alternative energy sources.

Connectivity, trusted communication, and control delegation between micro-grids is essential for the smooth operation of the overall system.

P3KI's decentralized PKI is tailor-made for the most complex scenarios that rely on resiliency and need to support graceful degradation under all conditions.

Smart Home & IoT

Flexible physical access control and delegation to enable the future of connected living.

Smart devices automating tedious tasks and improving upon our daily living are proliferating.

Not holding pace, however, is communication security, access management, and consumer privacy.

P3KI's decentralized PKI can address these challenges and enable novel approaches to delegate access not just to software but to physical objects: Allow cleaning services to access select areas of buildings, provide flexible sharing and rental modes with trustworthy permission delegation, and last but not least ensure all decisions can be audited at any time.

Smart City & Autonomous Driving

Interconnecting autonomous driving, public transport, and infrastructure.

Autonomous driving and assisted driving technologies strongly rely on vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication in heavily federated and decentralized scenarios. Lives depend on these services being usable, especially in situations falling outside the daily norm.

These systems depend on 100% availability of network connectivity and power which is extremely difficult to achieve at reasonable costs using established technologies.

P3KI's decentralized PKI is designed with offline use-cases and loss-of-power scenarios in mind. Using our technology you're now able, for the first time, to build truly decentralized authorization and authentication solutions that scale in a cost-effective manner.

Smart Government

Identity and access delegation for public services.

Governments are the ultimate identity providers and delegation is at the heart of any federated state.

What's missing is delegation that's automatically verifiable and equally federated as the state it's being used in.

P3KI's decentralized and federated PKI offers flexible delegation of roles, permissions, and identities to push eGovernment to the next level.