IoT Transport Layer Encryption &
Access Delegation PKI

Your One-Stop-Shop for IoT Cloud Security

Teserakt and P3KI are joining forces to bring you a never before seen combination of security and flexibility pushing your IoT products to the next level. We're both pioneers in our respective technological fields and by joining up you have everything to gain from our combined expertise cast into a single solution.

Teserakt's E4 is the first and only end-to-end encryption solution for MQTT, the most popular machine-to-machine protocol, supported by all leading cloud platforms.

E4 allows you to transmit sensitive data over MQTT without worrying about the broker's security. Your messages remain secret even if the broker is compromised by an insider or remote attacker.

They not only protect messages, but also handle key management, the hardest problem in machine-to-machine encryption. E4 allows you to remotely manage millions of devices with no performance hit.

P3KI Core is the next generation of Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Flexible and arbitrarily precise expression of permission levels with first-class support for mathematically proven delegation to solve authorization and authentication challenges.

Everything is verifiable even in offline scenarios without central infrastructure being required.

P3KI's technology augments existing protocols and services and offers a solid base for new designs.


Our customers can directly benefit in several ways from our combined offer:

  • Unique combination of transport encryption via Teserakt E4 and identity management & access delegation via P3KI Core with combined capabilities greater than current certificate authority solutions
  • Full-stack security for your IoT project
  • Reduced cost of deployment
  • Reduced cost of operation
  • Greatly improved flexibility in modelling your decentralized systems

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Learn more about our combined offer by checking out our partnership presentation:

Combined Offer Details

P3KI Teserakt
Solution Decentralized PKI for Access Delegation MQTT1 Transport Encryption
Deployment Combined, Single Appliance Combined, Single Appliance
Appliance Interface REST, Scripting REST
Client-side Integration REST, Scripting, Native C and Rust REST, gRPC, Native C
Supported Client Platforms x86, x86_64, aarch64, armv7l, & many more x86, x86_64, aarch64, armv7l, & many more

1: Support for further protocols planned.