P3KI Core

Authorization and Authentication for a Connected World.

P3KI Core is a highly flexible and resilient distributed web-of-trust architecture.
Where existing trust architectures fall short, P3KI Core goes the extra mile.

Always wanted to combine only the good parts of existing solutions? That's P3KI Core.

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I can do that with X!

Yes, most likely you can.

Delegate trust? X.509 can do that.
Issue short-lived trust? Kerberos has you covered.
Web-of-trust? PGP uses that.
Freely define arbitrary permission levels? LDAP supports that.

But what if…

  • you need smooth graceful degradation?
  • your devices are never online?
  • you want a centralized service but also a decentralized offline trust network?
  • you want future-proof arbitrary permission levels?
  • your trust model is a hierarchy, or a mesh, or something in between?
  • your transport layer is untrusted?
  • you want to use it with an embedded system and a web service?
  • you want it to have a simple API?

Of course, you want all of that!

P3KI Core is for you.

Sounds too good to be true?
We're happyto answer your questions!

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What is P3KI Core for?

P3KI Core is made for devices to talk to devices.
This can be interpreted very broadly: machines, cars, smartphones, servers, pieces of software, authentication tokens, smartcards, and many more.
Anything really. Anything that you could think of in the context of "this one trusts that one with something".

Example: Autonomous Cars

Want your car to autonomously find a charging station, charge, and pay? All without you having to be involved?
There are many questions touching on trust and delegation of trust:

  • Charger: "Is this car compatible to charge here?"
  • Car: "Is this charger compatible with me?"
  • Charger: "Does the owner of the car have good credit for this operation?"
  • Car: "Is this charger operated by someone we have a volume deal with?"
  • Car: "If prices fluctuate, what is the price range my owner is okay with?"
All these can be modeled with P3KI Core in a way that supports current and future car models, manufacturers, and charging station operators.

Also take a look at the Flexible Rights Delegation automotive scenario!

Example: Smart Devices & Internet-of-Things

You trust your friends with controlling your media center during a party?
You give your house keys to the house-sitter while on vacation?
You want to share a certain set of photos with a group of friends automatically?
Share your calendar?

All this can be easily modeled with P3KI Core.
And it's not just yes & no.
You can define access levels at arbitrary resolution.
No more squeezing round trust into square templates.

Make sure to check out our Smart Home / IoT Scenario example!

Your imagination is the limit!

Above we listed just two small scenarios but P3KI Core is so much more than that. But once you can no longer rely on central infrastructure is when P3KI Core really begins to shine!

P3KI Core is a universal tool meant to be integrated into your specific scenario.
P3KI Core will fit your requirements, not the other way around.

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Add P3KI Core to your project!

P3KI Core ships as a software library.
We help you to model your trust scenario and integrate it in P3KI Core.

The P3KI Core software library is written using the Rust programming language.
"Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety."

Rust compiles natively to many target platforms (e.g. x86_64, ARM, Sparc, MIPS, etc).
This gives us one codebase to target them all: Google Android, Apple iOS, Embedded Systems, and of course personal computers and servers.

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