Next-Generation Authorization & Authentication for Zero Trust

Offline, Account-less Access Control & Delegation

What P3KI does for you

P3KI empowers you to decentralize both permission checks as well as permission management with full offline capability.

Combine personalized mandates with cryptographically secure, auditable permission delegations for unrivaled resilience. Federate and delegate tasks around access control and permission management with P3KI - revolutionizing the way you work!

The new way of edge device management is here: No more account management on field devices - instead P3KI Core authorizes individual operations based on personalized authorization proofs.

P3KI Core is here to solve your authorization and authentication challenges.

Key Benefits

  • Cost reduction
    by optimizing authorization and authentication processes using edge-managed workflows.
  • Easier risk-management
    based on a precise and auditable permission delegation model.
  • Quicker incident response & forensics
    based on traceable permission chains.
  • Improved business continuity
    by decentralizaton and offline capabilities.
  • Hardening of distributed systems
    based on end-to-end implementation of Zero Trust principles.

Four easy steps!


We assess your needs and current solutions to optimize the integration of P3KI Core with minimal disruption.


We design a tailored Policy Language and make integration effortless for your developers. Customizations are also available to match P3KI Core perfectly to your system.


Add P3KI's library or service, follow the step-by-step documentation and easily integrate decentralized access delegation to your solution. Need help? Our team is here to support you.


We're committed to providing top-notch service even after your P3KI Core solution is deployed. You'll have access to our latest Solution Engineering Tools for smoother operations.


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