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Authorization for the Internet of Things.

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Authorization for the Internet of Things

With the growing proliferation and interconnectedness of IT-based solutions comes an increased need for secure, scalable, and maintainable authorization and authentication solutions. Classic protocols and systems like X.509 are no longer up to the task.

P3KI GmbH is developing the next generation of PKI solutions.

Through an innovative combination of peer-to-peer technology with modern cryptographic methods P3KI Core offers a secure and efficiently maintainable approach to tackling complex authentification and authorization problems.
Multi-layered trust relationships can be modelled individually and with fine granularity, making P3KI Core the perfect fit for your application.

Example Scenario: Smart-Home Internet-of-Trust

The Premise

Smart-home devices trust a central management hub to control them. In turn, the hub delegates all control operation to the homeowner.

A Practical Example

The homeowner goes on vacation and asks her neighbor to house-sit. In practice this is a time-limited trust (starts the day she goes on vacation and ends the day she comes back). Also, the level of trust itself is limited. In the example shown here, access to everything except the heating and the garage door is delegated.

Flexible, time-limited or short-term trust is where P3KI Core really shines. As a homeowner you would also be able to change specifics of the trust arrangements while on vacation.

Going Further

In practice we'd model several more trust relationships. For instance the hub would trust each individual device for certain operations (e.g. reporting data to a central dashboard or online services, receiving certain communication from online services, etc). Also, devices might extend trust of several different levels like trust to control the device, control a subset of its functionality, change the configuration, inspect its current state, and so on.

All this and more can easily be modeled using P3KI Core technology.