Core Service

The backbone for your trust solution.

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The backbone for your trust solution

Core Service ships as an easy to configure application you can run as a background service or daemon.

Interfacing with Core Service is equally straight forward: we offer a simple interface to query trust data, configure trust relationships, or verify data.

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No limitations on revocations

Revocations are built in by design and just work. Having to revoke an X.509 intermediate certificate authority will be your worst day. With P3KI Core the equivalent operation is easy and painless.

Trust relationships of arbitrary granularity

Design scenario specific trust policies that exactly fit your needs and allow easy upgrades in the field.

P2P-backed web of trust

Build systems resilient to attack and limit the impact of compromise at the same time.

Transparency by design

No extra tools like Certificate Transparency required to ensure everyone is playing nice. Accountability and auditing allowed by design.

Seamlessly integrates into your microservice architecture

P3KI Core Service is a stand-alone background service to integrate into your existing microservice architecture setup.

Access to trust operations (verifications, authorizations, authentication, search, ...) is straight forward and implemented using state of the art interface technology. P3KI Core Service allows you to select between a RESP-like or REST-like interface, making integration a breeze.