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bendy v0.2 released!

Bendy v0.2 has been released!

Whitepaper: Decentralized PKI Solutions - Automotive Industry Focus

With our latest whitepaper we’re taking a look at three common scenarios:

bendy: Enforcing Correctness for Bencode Serialization

Today marks the day of our first Open Source release: bendy for Rust.

P3KI's Frequently Asked Questions, answered

We’ve just released a collection of the most common question we get about P3KI; complete with answers, of course. Check the out!

Abstract: P3KI Technology Brief

We’ve rewritten our previous technical abstract into a one-pager technology brief. If you’re short on time but still want to get a glimpse of what our technology brings to the table, now’s the perfect time to grab the PDF.

Whitepaper: Decentralized IPsec VPN using P3KI Core

Our latest whitepaper showcases the possibility of augmenting existing IPsec solutions with features such as graceful degradation and flexible trust delegation.

Hello, world!

On this blog you can follow our engineers and software developers pushing the envelope on what we understand as trust architecture.

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