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Authorization for the Internet of Things.

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P3KI Core

With the growing proliferation and interconnectedness of IT-based solutions comes an increased need for secure, scalable, and maintainable authorization and authentication solutions. Classic protocols and systems like X.509 are no longer up to the task.

P3KI GmbH is developing the next generation of PKI solutions.

Through an innovative combination of peer-to-peer technology with modern cryptographic methods P3KI Core offers a secure and efficiently maintainable approach to tackling complex authentification and authorization problems.
Multi-layered trust relationships can be modelled individually and with fine granularity, making P3KI Core the perfect fit for your application.

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No limitations on revocations

Revocations are built in by design and just work. Having to revoke an X.509 intermediate certificate authority will be your worst day. With P3KI Core the equivalent operation is easy and painless.

Trust relationships of arbitrary granularity

Design scenario specific trust policies that exactly fit your needs and allow easy upgrades in the field.

P2P-backed web of trust

Build systems resilient to attack and limit the impact of compromise at the same time.

Transparency by design

No extra tools like Certificate Transparency required to ensure everyone is playing nice. Accountability and auditing allowed by design.


Internet of Things

Easily manage and delegate access to your devices without hassle. We offer security and customer experience.


Authorize machine-to-machine communication without the need to update X.509 certificates in the field. Talk to us to learn how to keep on track!


Building resilient infrastrcture requires a tough trust backend. We can offer you essential building blocks.

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